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BCNU Continues to Try to Destroy ARNBC - Know what you are signing!
The BCNU has launched yet another aggressive strike to bankrupt the ARNBC. Over the past few years they have buffeted us with three lawsuits (all ongoing), limited willingness to sit down and discuss rational resolutions to their perceived concerns, ongoing attacks on the reputation and character of the ARNBC and repeated bullying of Board and staff by BCNU members. Without any forward momentum on the three lawsuits already underway against ARNBC, the BCNU is instead asking members to sign a petition to trigger an EGM whereby they would seek to have the Association yearly fee reduced to $1. Currently, ARNBC collects $52.86 per year from every RN and NP in the province, and CNA receives the remaining $57.69.

ARNBC envisions a future where all three nursing organizations - the College, the Union and the Association, work together in collaboration for the good of patients and the profession. We will always seek opportunities to meet with the Union to discuss ways to move forward together. ARNBC continues to be the professional voice of nursing in the province and provides services and programs for all nurses. The $110 yearly fee ensures all B.C. nurses are able to engage in the programs provided by the Canadian Nurses Association and provides a voice on the international stage through our affiliation with the International Council of Nurses. Provincially, the fee provides support for nursing research, helps contribute to the body of nursing knowledge that informs health and social policy, supports the student/new graduate transition process, enables collaboration with our LPN and RPN colleagues that will help eradicate hierarchies within the profession and ensures we can make meaningful inroads toward advancing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report – to name just a few of the many benefits the Association provides to the nursing community and British Columbians.

BCNU is telling members that signing this petition will end the lawsuits. This may be true - they are the only ones who have filed lawsuits, and the only ones who can end them. However, '‘'ending the lawsuits' is clearly not their only goal with this new aggression - what they are seeking to do is bankrupt ARNBC of operating capital. Moving forward with this campaign is simply another way for the Union to force ARNBC out of existence, removing all the programs and services which are available to every single nurse in the province (including the thousands who are not part of BCNU) and forcing BC Nurses out of the Canadian Nurses Association.

Most nurses who belong to the BCNU, pay more than $1,000 each year in Union dues. This money is spent in a number of very positive and important ways, but you need to be aware that some of your hard-earned dollars are being used to fund campaigns that specifically target ARNBC:
  • Lawsuits - three of them to date - and nurses are paying for these through dues to all three organizations
  • Free trips for members who are willing to fly to Vancouver to disrupt the AGM/EGMs of ARNBC
  • Propaganda designed to tell partial or half truths about the Association
Enough is enough.
    If you believe there is value in collaboration that leads to positive working relationships…
    If you believe being part of the national nursing association is an important and valuable connection for nurses...
    If you believe that the Union behaviour is damaging the reputation of the profession in this province...
Join us in standing up to the Union!

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