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Specialty Nursing
Specialized nurses play a unique part in promoting the health and well-being of British Columbians and our public healthcare system. Explore this page to learn how you can achieve speciality nursing certification and access the various networking, continuing education and professional development opportunities offered by speciality nursing groups.

Snapshot of the Registered Nursing Workforce in B.C (2014)

Clinical Area Statistic   Clinical Area Statistic
Medical/Surgical 26.1% Public Health 4.2%
Geriatric/Long-term Care 9.4% Ambulatory Care 3.5%
Critical Care 8.9% Nursing in several clinical areas 2.4%
Emergency Care 8.3% Pediatric 2.3%
Operating Room/Recovery Room 7.4% Oncology 2.0%
Maternal/Newborn 6.7% Rehabilitation 1.5%
Community Health 6.7% Occupational Health 0.8%
Psychiatric/Mental Health 5.0% Telehealth 0.5%
Home Care 4.2% Other Direct Care 0
   * Canadian Institute of Health Information. (2015). Data Tables: Registered Nurses, 2014.