The Association of Registered Nurses of BC

All RNs and NPS also have Commercial General Liability insurance coverage provided by Encon Group Inc. There is an aggregate limit of $2,000,000 for all participants and a deductible of $500 applies.

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Starting on March 1, 2016 all B.C. RNs and NPs will receive their professional liability protection, along with numerous other services, from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS).

Working closely with the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC), ARNBC advocated strongly for membership in CNPS knowing that registered nurses and nurse practitioners in B.C. will benefit from the enhanced protection, education and supports offered by CNPS.

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Check out the CNPS page for BC Nurses.

CNPS for B.C. Nurses

What is CNPS?
The CNPS provides legal advice and risk management services, professional liability protection and legal assistance to eligible registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) practising in Canada. CNPS legal assistance includes assistance with the defence of criminal proceedings arising from the practice of nursing.


Contacting CNPS

Call 1-844-4MY-CNPS (1-844-469-2677) to speak with a CNPS legal advisor.

Please ensure you provide your:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • CRNBC Registration No.
Or email:

CNPS staff are available by phone and email until 8:00pm PT.

Note, any information you provide to CNPS will remain confidential.
CNPS offers a wide range of services including:
  • Advice – information about professional obligations and liability issues, confidential access to legal advisors, legal counsel (when required) and pre-contractual review of professional service agreements.
  • Assistance with legal proceedings including:
    • Civil Litigation- up to $10 milion per claim for professional negligence related to care provided in Canada.
    • Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions- up to $1 million per occurrence.
    • Statutory Offences- up to $1 million per occurrence.
    • Witness Appearances- including legal assistance.
  • Risk Management and Education- access to education materials and resources.
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NEW! Supplemental CNPS Service
CNPS now offers assistance with College complaints.
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Please take a few minutes to check out the CNPS for BC nurses page.