The Association of Registered Nurses of BC

An ARNBC recognition plaque may be presented to any RN or NP deemed worthy of recognition by their peers and colleagues. A combination of three currently registered RNs/NPs can together submit a request to obtain a plaque for a deserving colleague. Reasons for honouring a colleague with a plaque might include long service, retirement, advocacy on behalf of a person or group, or exemplary leadership.


Any current or former RN or NP who is/was a registrant of the CRNBC in good standing at the time they were last registered is eligible to receive a plaque.

Plaque Description

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Plaques are solid walnut with a black, brass plate affixed and inscribed with the recipient's name. The plaque states that the recipient is recognized for valuable contribution to the nursing profession.

Recognition plaques are available in three sizes:
  1. 5" x 7" - $59.95 + tax
  2. 8" x 10" - $74.95 + tax
  3. 9" x 12" - $89.95 + tax
Please note, that as of March 6, 2018 rates have increased. This is due to an increased cost from suppliers.

How to Order

Complete and return the ARNBC Recognition Plaque Order Form.

Note: You will not be able to save the form, so please ensure that you have gathered the necessary information
prior to filling it in.
  • All details related to the plaque are determined by the nominators, including the date, place, and method of presentation.
  • If you do not know, and do not wish to ask for, the recipient's registration number (as requested on the order form), submit the form without the number, but include the nurse's full name and address to ensure proper identification.
  • Upon receipt of the completed order form, ARNBC will purchase the plaque on behalf of the nominators. Please allow at least four weeks for delivery. The plaque will be mailed to the presenting group along with an invoice for the cost of the plaque.

For information about your order, contact ARNBC at