The Association of Registered Nurses of BC


  • Hannah Varto, NP (Chair)
  • Lauren Goldman, RN
  • Holly Torry, RN
  • Brenda Marsman, RN
  • Nicole Pasquino, RN
  • Annaliese Hasler, NP
  • Rebecca Olesen, RN
  • Reanne Sanford, RN
  • Cherlyn Cortes, RN
  • Courtney Devane, RN
ARNBC's Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy Table is comprised of nurses who have experience, expertise and leadership roles in the field of sexual and reproductive health. The objective of this policy table is to work with ARNBC, government and other key stakeholders to identify issues, key policies, strategies and solutions that impact nursing and the health of patients throughout BC regarding sexual and reproductive health care. The policy table meets on a regular basis, and provides leadership and expertise in moving ARNBC’s sexual and reproductive health and nursing portfolio forward.