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Patient Partners on the Patient Advisory Council
ARNBC is currently seeking four patient partners to join the Association's Patient Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC was formed in 2015 as a commitment to ensuring the voice of patients and caregivers informs all aspects of ARNBC's policy and program work. The mandate of the PAC is to inform ARNBC on the development, monitoring and refinement of its policies and programs by making recommendations to the ARNBC Board and Staff.

ARNBC is particularly interested in patient partners who will be able to bring forward different perspectives that reflect the diversity of the patient population across the province. Specifically, the Association is looking for individuals who can provide input based on different:
  • Cultures and ethnicities
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Experiences and perspectives
If you are interested in becoming member of ARNBC's PAC, please fill out the following application form.

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Tell us about yourself:

Why are you interested in the PAC?

What are the top three issues that ARNBC should be addressing based on your perspectives as a patient and/or caregiver?

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Chiu at