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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals

Last year the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) was invited by the Governor General to nominate 30 outstanding Canadian nurses to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of their contributions to nursing and health care.

As CNA's jurisdictional member for British Columbia, the ARNBC was thrilled to accept nominations of exemplary B.C. nurses for this honour. Seven B.C. nurses were chosen to receive this award.

Congratulations to the following B.C. Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients:
  • Landon James, RN, BSN, MA, CEN, PCP
  • Lenora Marcellus, RN, BSN, MA, PhD
  • Donna Mendel, RN, MScN
  • Thelma Midori, RN, BSN, MEd (awarded posthumously)
  • Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly, RN, BScN, MN, PhD
  • Brenda Poulton, RN, MN, NP
  • Tracey Taulu, RN, BSN, MHA
Recipients will be presented their medals at a special ceremony hosted by the CNA to be held March 5, 2013 in Ottawa, and will also be profiled in an upcoming issue of the Canadian Nurse.

The ARNBC would like to thank those B.C. nurses who took the time to nominate their colleagues.

Once again, congratulations to the medal recipients on this well-deserved honour!