Faculty Liason

An ARNBC faculty liaison is a resource person from your school that is designated as a support person to ensure the program's momentum from year to year and you develop a student representative program that works for your nursing school. The role of an ARNBC faculty liaison includes:
  • Aiding in the recruitment of a student representative as needed.
  • Acting as the direct liaison between ARNBC's Student/New Grad program team and the student representatives from the respective school.
  • Accessing ARNBC student/new program leads if there are issues or support is needed.
  • Assisting in the selection of the School's ARNBC Student Award (this program has recently transitioned from CRNBC).
  • Providing time and space for ARNBC student representatives to disseminate resources to students (ex: email lists, minimal class time for periodic updates, an ARNBC bulletin board, exploring opportunities to incorporate ARNBC leadership opportunities into professional practice classes, etc.).
If you have any questions or need assistance as a student rep you can contact your student faculty liaison for assistance