Engaging in Policy & Advocacy Work

ARNBC has five policy priorities, but we're always interested in hearing from you if you think we need to add something!

As a nursing student or new grad, you are going to encounter situations that you know aren't in the best interest of patients. Whether that is a specific incident within your practice environment, or a social policy that you believe will have lasting negative impact on the health and well-being of the population. These situations provide you with an opportunity to be a change agent, and to advocate for changes in policy or procedure that will strengthen the healthcare system.

What are ways in which you can become involved?

  1. Identify key issues
    What issues are currently impacting students and new grads? What are you experiencing as a student or new nurse, that worries you? Do you have a concern that you believe people in government, the health authorities or even your school need to be made aware of? Are there changes that you think need to be made in order to improve patient care? Fill out the ARNBC Issues Report Form (lovingly called "IRF" by staff), and let us know what you think needs to be improved.
  2. Attend events!
    It may sound cheesy, but it's true – ARNBC loves students and new grads, and you are welcome at pretty much every event we hold. Most of the time, if you identify yourself as a student, we'll even pay your way! Some events are one-time only, but a few happen each year, and you should keep your eye on the ARNBC Past Events page to make sure you don't miss out. Events are a great way to network with nursing leaders and learn about the key issues driving health care policy in B.C.
  3. School projects – help us help you!
    Focus one of your school projects on a policy priority area. Connect with your student representative or ARNBC at admin@arnbc.ca if you would like to further explore ideas.