Inviting ARNBC to your School

A great way to learn about ARNBC is by having the association come engage with you and your fellow student colleagues. During these events, ARNBC can provide you with more information on the Association, provide updates and new ways students can become involved, answer any questions you may have, and most importantly discuss issues that are relevant to nursing students. Visits can occur throughout the year to:
  • Orient new nursing students to the role of a professional Association
  • Update returning students on the events and programs for the upcoming year
  • Provide specific information related to events, programs or services
  • Discuss current issues relevant to nursing and/or students
Your instructors can also make a request to have ARNBC come to talk to some of your classes about the role of an Association and the work we are doing on policy and programs. They can also request a workshop to learn how to write a briefing note, an issues brief or other policy and advocacy documents.

If we aren't able to make it out to you in person, we can connect with you via webinar. Let us know and we will make it happen! If you or your instructor want to invite ARNBC to your school, please email