Student Membership

As an RN student or an employed student nurse (ESN)* you can become an ARNBC Associate member. As an associate member, there are only two limitations.
  1. You do not have voting rights. This means that when decisions are voted on during Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings, you are not able to vote.
  2. You are not eligible to run for a seat on the ARNBC Board.
Other than that, you have full access to all of the benefits of the association. These include:
  1. Access to all ARNBC programs and services.
  2. Opportunities to attend AGMs as non-voting attendees, open forums, or any other ARNBC engagement opportunity.
  3. Receive quarterly news updates.
* ESNs are automatically covered under the liability insurance policy administered by ARNBC.

Member Perks

ARNBC is proud to offer exclusive access to various discounted products and services, including: theatre, hotels, attractions, movies, shopping, travel and much more, to all members through our new discount partner Perkopolis.

How do I sign up? If you are a registered nurse or nurse practitioner in B.C., please email to obtain the membership login information.