ARNBC's Role & Mandate

“What is the role of nursing’s professional association?”
as seen by Lindsay Roland, student
ARNBC's mandate is to act on behalf of nursing to advance the profession, and to provide a nursing voice to influence nursing, health and social policy.

What does ARNBC do for students and nurses?
  1. Connects us with other registered nurses across B.C through forums, events, and social media.
  2. Includes our voice in influencing change on social and health issues. ARNBC has several policy priority areas. Check them out here!
  3. Links us with national and international nursing and interprofessional organizations. For example: the Canadian Nurses Association, the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations, specialty groups and communities of practice.
  4. Supports our professional practice and advances the profession of nursing.
Have a look at other sections of this resource binder to learn more about professional development and continuing education initiatives such as practicum opportunities, workshops and webinars.