The Association of Registered Nurses of BC

2018 Biennial Convention

The CNA Biennial Convention will take place in Ottawa, Ontario June 18-20, 2018. Stay up to date and learn more by going to: 2018 CNA Biennial Convention

CNA’s members will elect a new President-elect at the annual meeting of members on June 18, 2018 in Ottawa.

The chosen candidate will serve as president-elect (2018-2020) before becoming president (2020-2022). The president represents Canadian nurses by being an official CNA spokesperson, making the position an important leadership role.

Read the official Ticket of Nominations for President-elect, including a statement of philosophy for each candidate.

CNA Board of Directors - Call for Public Representative

CNA is seeking an interested member of the community to serve as public representative on the board of directors. The deadline for submitting nominations is April 25, 2018.

Learn more: