The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Election Issues and Platforms

Integrated and Comprehensive Team Based Care
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  • Supports integrated, multidisciplinary healthcare system by utilizing providers such as nurse practitioners. Read more...

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What Do Nurses Expect Government to Do?

  • Work with stakeholders to support the establishment of programs and processes that will enable health authorities and hospitals to build effective collaborative interprofessional teams.
  • Include all healthcare professionals, not just physicians in the consultation process around developing collaborative interprofessional teams, and recognize that physicians are not the only healthcare providers who can lead and direct a team.
  • Ensure the knowledge, skills and expertise of all health professionals are utilized to their full potential, especially in primary health care, rural health, mental health and end-of-life and palliative care.
  • Establish alternate funding models for healthcare providers that support interprofessional health teams.

Ask the Candidates!

  • What is your government's plan in ensuring all British Columbians have access to a primary health care provider?
  • What do you think the features of high-performing primary care are in B.C., and how will your government work to achieve them?
  • How would your government achieve the Triple Aim objectives (Better Health, Better Care, Better Value)?
  • How would your government capitalize on all members of the healthcare team to ensure a cost-effective system of primary care?
  • How will your government work towards greater integration of nurse practitioners in primary care?
  • While it takes time to update legislation, what is the purpose of introducing a new profession if they are unable to practice to their full scope? Why would we not ensure that legislation follows the implementation, which would ensure NPs are not left feeling undervalued?
  • What is your vision for the current fee-for-service model that exists throughout B.C., particularly as many newly graduated physicians are indicating that they would rather work on salary? Nurses recognize the limitations of our fee-for-service system - will your government be brave enough to investigate and consult on other options?