The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Election Issues and Platforms

Community Health
* Party platforms will be updated regularly. If you are aware of any commitments made by the parties, please let us know at
B.C. Liberals New Democratic Party B.C. Conservatives Green Party
  • Committing $199 million to fund a $600 per year increase to income assistance rates for persons with disabilities.
  • $135 million over three years for community living services through Community Living B.C. Read more...
  • If elected, promising $500k towards Surrey program to address gang violence.

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What Do Nurses Expect Government to Do?

  • Increase investments in home health and home supports to enable prevention and recovery within the community.
  • Invest in upstream health promotion and prevention services.
  • Provide leadership in intersectoral and interdepartmental collaboration to ensure continuity of care.
  • Ensure that the necessary resources are available to support the shift from acute to community care.

Ask the Candidates!

  • What is your government's plan to invest in health promotion and prevention services?
  • What is your government's plan to ensure that British Columbians who require both home care and home support receive the care they need?
  • There is consensus among government and care providers around the need to shift from acute care to community care. How will your government ensure that the necessary resources (financial, physical and health human resources) are available to meet the needs of this shift?