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President's Message:
Together We Will Make 2018 A Year to Remember

I am always so thankful for the winter season. This is a sacred time, full of tradition and protocol for my family and community. I have always enjoyed witnessing and participating in other traditions and protocols throughout the winter season, learning from and inspiring one another. Although this is traditionally a time for family, holidays, and self - as nurses we often have to spend a lot of time away from our families during the season. So first of all, a big shout out to all health care staff, especially nurses, who will be away from their loved ones during the holiday season. read more...

The Future of Nursing Associations in BC
Nursing in British Columbia is facing transformative change and we are excited to be part of this important discussion. ARNBC, along with our partner organizations - the Association of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC, the BC Nurse Practitioner Association and the Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC, are working through a process that will see all four professional designations come together under one umbrella. We are excited at the prospect of a strong nursing voice, that can raise professional issues for all B.C. nurses, and we look forward to hearing from you as we move ahead with this process. Please note that we are discussing and consulting on the amalgamation of B.C.'s nursing associations, not the regulatory bodies. If you'd like a refresher on the differences between the two, please review our pdf.

Our proposed governance structure for the new entity Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC will ensure that each of the four professional associations retains ownership and leadership within and for its own designation. You can read more about this structure by clicking here - Governance Structure.

We are hoping to consult with as many nurses as possible over the next few months, and to learn more about what you would like a professional association to do and be. If you are interested in joining in a consultation or booking one for your area, please visit our webpage and click on Consultations in Your Area or Request a Consultation. We would be happy to set up a session with you to discuss what we are proposing and will take all comments and concerns into consideration. Please note that only sessions that are booked will currently show up on the "Consultations in Your Area" page - it doesn't mean we aren't heading your direction!

Our FAQs on the proposed amalgamation, along with a wealth of other materials, can be found at Please take a minute and review the website and documents, and take our online survey. We want to hear from you!

This is an exciting time for nursing in B.C. and we look forward to working with you to realize the best future possible for our entire nursing community. Join the conversation and celebrate these groundbreaking changes with us!

To learn more about membership, please visit