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Season's Greetings
from ARNBC

ARNBC would like to wish you and your families all the best for the Holiday Season. To watch our 2016 Holiday Video, please click here.

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President's Message:
Stepping Up as the Opioid Crisis Grows

As part of the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations, ARNBC initiated a Forum to discuss how we can best support nurses and others who are on the frontlines of the current opioid crisis. ARNBC President Zak Matieschyn has written a blog on his own reflections from the day. Check out Zak's blog here.

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BCCNA Emergency Opioid Forum
We were thrilled to participate and take a leadership role in planning an Emergency Opioid Forum where we brought together frontline nurses, first responders, researchers, users, government and others in order to discuss the current fentanyl crisis and gather recommendations and ideas for how we can work together to support those who are most impacted. This was an incredible day of learning and planning, and you will see numerous strategies rolled out over the next weeks and months.

Click here for updates, information on the next steps we will be taking, advocacy work around this important issue, or to watch raw video of the day.

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ARNBC Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
On December 13, ARNBC hosted an Extraordinary General Meeting in order to review and pass new bylaws for the Association. For some reason, the BCNU became quite invested in sharing information about this meeting and paid for many members to fly in to attend this event and ultimately vote down the bylaws. We had anticipated this possibility and while we wish the bylaws had passed, we also recognized that it was not necessary to do so and that day to day ARNBC operations will not be impacted, nor will our commitment to act on behalf of all of B.C.'s RNs and NPs. BCNU has since sent a news bulletin which has no basis in the truth and continues to perpetuate the notion that these bylaw changes were made without transparency.

We encourage each of you to seek the truth and understand what these new bylaws actually proposed without any sense of intimidation and rhetoric. Please feel free to visit and read the true intent around what was recommended in order for ARNBC to modernize its bylaws in keeping with the new BC Societies Act. ARNBC believes in discussion, transparency and consultation.

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Fee Increase
ARNBC will be raising fees, for the first time ever, from $41/year to $53/year. In other words, you will pay one more dollar per month to support the operations of the Association. When you consider the costs you pay to other organizations this is pretty reasonable. And in fact, we only decided to increase fees because we recognize that we need to protect the Association from the two legal challenges launched by the Union and/or council members supported by the BCNU legal team. You can learn more about that by visiting

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Student/New Grad Program – IGNITE!
ARNBC's student/new grad program – IGNITE – is moving forward and already seeing an increase in engagement of this nursing population. We are thrilled to have hired Dawn Tisdale, former President of the Canadian Nursing Students Association, recent graduate of North Island College and newly minted RN who will lead and expand on this program.

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2016 Nursing Awards of Excellence
This year's awards of excellence were held on November 17th, and honoured an amazing group of nurse leaders, as well as a young patient. The ceremony was hosted by Lynn Stevenson at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Centre. For more information or to see who this year's winners were, check out www/

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ARNBC Webinars
In late November, ARNBC hosted a Webinar on "LGBTQ Friendly Practice" with co-moderators Darach Seaton and Zak Matieschyn. This highly informative and engaging webinar can still be viewed here. Sign up for our next webinar in February, which will provide opportunities for nurses to learn about getting mortgages (so needed in this crazy housing market!).

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