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Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
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ARNBC is proud to offer exclusive access to various discounted products and services, including: theatre, hotels, attractions, movies, shopping, travel and much more, to all members through our new discount partner Perkopolis.

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Visit or by phone at (800) 761-7523.

ARNBC is proud to launch a Professional Practice Program for all registered nurses and nurse practitioners in British Columbia. Nurses have told us that they would love to have an additional resource point where they can ask questions, seek information, or share concerns about their practice and the profession. ARNBC looks forward to complementing the programs provided by the CRNBC, BCNU and health authorities by offering additional supports to B.C. nurses.

To read more about our Professional Practice Program and learn about the types of supports we offer, visit

As our Program continues to grow, we look forward to hearing your ideas about additional supports you’d like us to provide.