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B.C. Nursing Awards of Excellence Officially Transitions to ARNBC
ARNBC was very pleased to be an active participant in the CRNBC Awards of Excellence held on September 25 in downtown Vancouver. The ceremony celebrated the successes of 36 B.C. nurses who have made exceptional contributions to nursing in the province.  The Association was honoured to co-present the Award of Advocacy to Betty Poag. Congratulations to all nurses who were recognized for their successes and impact on the nursing profession.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, the Awards program will be transitioned from CRNBC to ARNBC, and we will take the lead in organizing the event next year. While there will be some changes to the program, we anticipate retaining many of the elements that have become so important to the B.C. nursing community and we look forward to working closely with CRNBC and B.C. nurses as we make this important transition. For more information and opportunities to provide your input into next year's awards, keep an eye on or email

ARNBC's Policy Initiatives
One of ARNBC's Strategic Goals is to Develop a responsive & proactive policy program in order to improve health and healthcare in B.C. To this end, we recently launched Policy Pages which you can link to from our website at These policy pages will be updated frequently and will highlight the advocacy work we are doing in each of three core areas:

1) Aboriginal Health and Nursing: Two board members and a staff member attended the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (A.N.A.C.) Annual Conference in Winnipeg on October 4th and 5th and engaged in discussion and learning sessions that will help inform ARNBC's Aboriginal Health and Nursing policy development. Some of the key themes closely reflected the resolutions passed at the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) AGM, particularly around ensuring that aboriginal cultures, histories and contexts are alive and accurately reflected throughout all nursing programs, and addressing racism and discrimination to improve health for Aboriginal peoples. We will also be working with our Aboriginal Health and Nursing Specialty Group to identify a B.C. approach to addressing some of the recommendations discussed in the recent report Aboriginal Health Nursing and Aboriginal Health: Charting Policy Direction for Nursing in Canada. Keep an eye on our website for the upcoming launch of the Aboriginal Health and Nursing Network Community of Practice Site.

2) Staff Mix: ARNBC continues to gather data, first person stories and ideas from nurses and patients around the positive and negative impacts of staff mix decisions in British Columbia. On September 22, Paddy Rodney, ARNBC Board Member, participated in a Discussion Panel, Where we are and where we are going: A discussion panel on the current trends within Island Health, with representatives from Island Health and the BCNU. The panel provided students with an opportunity to ask questions about their future with the health authority, and the types of policy decisions that will impact their nursing careers.

3) Seniors Health: ARNBC will be reviewing B.C.'s Seniors Action Plan to consider how to integrate the recommendations into our nursing policy work.  We also look forward to connecting with the Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, who will be releasing details of her first major project in the next few weeks. 

We hope you will visit our policy pages regularly to review the work the Association is doing, and share your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to strengthen our policy program and objectives.

ARNBC is also preparing a submission to the Select Standing Committee on Health which has issued a request for written submissions that identify potential strategies to maintain a sustainable health care system for British Columbians.  If you have an interest or opinion on any of the questions raised by the Standing Committee, feel free to email us your thoughts at by November 15, 2014.  And don't hesitate to share your own advocacy in action on these or other topics by emailing us at, or send us a tweet @BCRNS.    

Your Voice is our Strength
The ARNBC team welcomes the opportunity to hear your vision of how ARNBC can have a positive impact on your practice and the health of British Columbians.  We welcome visitors to our office at any time, but will be hosting open houses on November 13 and 20 from 1 to 3pm and 5 to 7pm.  Drop by for coffee or tea. The ARNBC team will be on hand to answer questions, give you a quick tour and spend some time learning about and sharing your vision for nursing. For nurses out of town, please drop us a note and let us know if there is a particular time you'd like to join us by Skype or teleconference, and we'll happily set this up. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are also in the process of organizing a Holiday Open House, and we look forward to sharing details on that in our next update. Keep an eye open to find out when you can come and share some holiday cheer with staff and board members. 

Connecting with nurses Across the Province
Beginning this fall, ARNBC and CRNBC will launch a unique initiative that will bring ARNBC Executive Director Joy Peacock and CRNBC CEO/Registrar Cynthia Johansen to various communities around B.C. to meet with groups of nurses. The aim of these sessions is to engage, listen and receive feedback about the new professional practice program under development. We are interested in hearing from you as we move forward with designing a new shared approach with CRNBC.  Please keep an eye out for announcements of dates in Prince George, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Castlegar, Cranbrook and more. ARNBC will be working with local network leads and board members to book additional meetings that will provide nurses and nurse leaders with opportunities to meet with Joy and share thoughts and ideas on the future of the Association. Keep an eye on our website for updates and information.

Students Making a Difference
Over the last year, the Nursing Education Council of BC (NECBC) and ARNBC have partnered to provide a mentorship opportunity for B.C. nursing students to attend CNA Board meeting as observers. This is a special opportunity for nursing students to build leadership capacity, network with nursing leaders from across Canada, and experience the ARNBC and CNA in action. Alexandra Martin was chosen to attend in March 2014, and Julia Hensler and Melissa Leveque were selected to attend in June 2014.  Read a bit about their experience in our blog. The last opportunity of the year exists for one student to attend the November 27, 2014 CNA Board Meeting. Please feel free to direct students to the student mentorship page to learn more.

We're also working with students and instructors at Kwantlen to set up and test an Issues Module which will be used by the Association and Network Leads to identify key issues for nurses and nursing in the province, and develop a process for raising and elevating these issues.

B.C. Network of Nursing Specialty Groups
Did you know that there are over 26 nursing speciality or interest groups in B.C.? On October 22 members of both existing and emerging specialty groups will have an opportunity to meet with ARNBC leadership for the purposes of offering input into our upcoming strategic planning sessions. As always this event is a key networking opportunity to learn about the provincial and national initiatives supporting nursing practice and health outcomes. If you are the leader of a specialty group and have not received your invitation, please contact

Fall Schedule
ARNBC is always appreciative of opportunities to get out and talk to nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students to discuss issues important to nursing as well as health and social policy. This fall ARNBC has had opportunity to meet and speak with nurses at the recent InspireNet conference, and through a variety of forums focusing on key policy priorities. We have also had a number of great opportunities to meet with students at Kwantlen, UBC, UBCO, Vancouver Island University, the University of Victoria, and Douglas College. We have received valuable input in programs and services that can support B.C. nurses. If you are interested in having an ARNBC representative speak to your group or class, please let us know at and we'll be happy to work with you to set up a session.

Updates from Canadian Nurses Association
On October 6th, CNA launched a survey which is a follow up to its first ever member survey. The results of the 2014 survey will provide valuable insight into Canadian nurses, the role they see CNA playing in the nursing profession, and which services and benefits are important to them. We encourage all B.C. nurses to visit the survey and fill in your information. We hope B.C. nurses will actively participate in this opportunity to contribute to the CNA Strategic Plan.

CNA continues to engage in national discussions on health issues that are important to nursing. CNA and CFNU hosted a breakfast at the First Ministers meeting in October to raise awareness of the impact of safe staffing on quality nursing care. As well, watch Dr. Karima Velji participate in an expert panel on assisted dying on October 20, 2014 at 9pm EST on Vision TV.

International Council of Nurses Opportunity
One of the best ways for nurses to be engaged and inspired by the work of their peers is by attending a provincial, national or even international conference. Keep an eye on our website to find out how you can win the opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea for the International Council of Nurses Conference, June 19–23, 2015.

The submission for abstracts for this conference has been extended to October 13th. Check out the website for submission details.

Contact Us:
We are always happy to hear from B.C. RNs and NPs.  If you have a question or are not sure where to direct your inquiry, please email and we will forward your email to the correct individual. You can also directly email our board, including regional representatives using the following:

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Your Voice, is Our Strength!