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Proud to be a Registered Nurse, Proud to be a Nurse Practitioner
To celebrate the incredible work that Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners do every day across British Columbia, ARNBC is giving you a chance to share what makes you proud to be an RN or NP.  Have you helped a patient achieve greater success than anyone had anticipated?  Are you inspired when you see an RN or NP who is helping a marginalized population access the health services they need? Are you moved when you see a fellow RN helping a small child through recovery from surgery, or supporting parents whose child has just been in a traumatic accident? What makes you proud to be an RN or NP? Join in the fun – tell us your stories, write a poem, shoot a video, sing a song, draw a picture or snap a photo. Be creative! To provide a bit of incentive, you might even win a prize. Winners will be announced during Nursing Week. Submissions are welcome from all RNs, NPs, student and retired nurses.

Annual General Meeting & Nominations for ARNBC Board
Are you interested in taking a leadership role in B.C.'s nursing community? Nominations for ARNBC Board positions are now open. You can learn more about the opportunities available and how to nominate someone by visiting The Annual General Meeting will be held June 5th, 2014 from 5pm to 8:30pm at the UBC Centre for Brain Health. The evening will include an interactive discussion, a short business meeting and refreshments. All RNs, NPs and associates (i.e., students and retired nurses) are welcome to attend. 

Speaking to the Issues that Matter to You
Two issues have become more and more urgent over the past few months – the physician-centred approach of government to addressing current issues in health care, and changes in staff mix in B.C. hospitals. 

When the Ministry of Health launched the 2015 Service Plan, it indicated that it will now work with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) on issues related to expanding the Nurse Practitioner scope of practice. This was a shock to all nursing organizations in B.C., and ARNBC has been working closely with the BC Nurse Practitioner Association to try and understand the intent behind this objective. Our work to support Nurse Practitioners is ongoing, as we know this category of nurse continues to encounter significant barriers to practice in British Columbia, and our goal is to continue to hold government accountable for decisions it makes that impact Nurse Practitioners.

This statement in the Service Plan, and the fact that the plan is quite physician-centric, has highlighted once again the fact that nursing and other health professions are marginalized when it comes to health system planning in this province. The only profession that appears to have influence in the Minister's Office is physicians, and ARNBC is working with a group of concerned nursing leaders and partners to address this current situation. In addition, ARNBC President, Julie Fraser, wrote a letter to Health Minister Terry Lake and ARNBC's Interim Executive Director, Heather MacKay, responded to an OpEd written by UBC Dean of Health Services Gavin Stuart, with a Letter to the Editor in the Vancouver Sun. 

In February, ARNBC participated in a Town Hall about Staff Mix and Care Delivery Model Redesign (CDMR), hosted by Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay/Gordon Head. ARNBC and other nursing organizations continue to call for better evidence and transparency around CDMR.  We continue to seek information from all nurses who have been impacted by CDMR or similar initiatives.  We want to hear from you – your stories, your concerns and what you think is working. Review our blog post on CDMR and leave an anonymous comment, or feel free to call or email us to share your thoughts.  Help us gather the information we need to effect real and lasting change and ensure quality health care for all British Columbians.

Our blog continues to raise issues and ideas that are important to the nursing community, and we are excited to see that some of our recent blogs tackling these important issues are resonating within the nursing community.  We encourage interaction on the blog and welcome guest authors and commenters. Check out for more information, including authorship guidelines, or click on one of the links below to read what issues have been on the mind of Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and nursing students so far in 2014:

ARNBC Networks
Our network leads group continues to connect and grow. Network leads are often provided with unique opportunities to participate in ARNBC events and projects. They will be helping to lead the "Proud to Be Campaign"; and recently several members participated in a preliminary branding exercise for the Association. Visit our Networks Page if you’re interested in being a Network Lead or learning more about this program.

Our student network continues to be an active, vibrant and growing part of the Association. Two recent blogs were authored by students, and in February, Alexandra Martin from North Island College accompanied the ARNBC President to Ottawa to attend the CNA Board Meeting.  If you're a student, the opportunity is here again!  The Nursing Education Council of BC (NECBC) and ARNBC have partnered to provide an opportunity for two B.C. nursing students to attend the CNA June Board meeting June 12-14 and Biennium Convention June 16-18 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To learn more, please check out

CNA Updates
ARNBC is looking for interested Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners to join our delegation to the CNA AGM being held in Winnipeg on June 16. In light of the important governance decisions coming forward and our commitment to CNA, ARNBC will send a strong, well-informed group of delegates who will make effective contributions to the debate and decisions on resolutions. An online application form can be accessed at Selection criteria will include diversity in terms of culture, geography and practice settings plus a statement regarding the relevancy of ARNBC and CNA to the profession.

ARNBC and CNA continue to work together to ensure all RNs and NPs are aware of the relationship between the two organizations.  Check out our document that outlines the benefits of ARNBC/CNA membership.

The deadline to participate in the CNA-Canada Health Infoway survey about Digital Health Technologies has been extended until April 7, 2014.  Please take a few minutes to participate in this important survey -