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ARNBC Update September 30, 2013

ARNBC would like to thank all nurses from around B.C. who have provided their continued support and assistance in developing a BC Nursing Association that will strengthen and advance our profession, and improve the health and well-being of British Columbians. The ARNBC remains committed to working with B.C. nurses and all nursing organizations and we look forward to engaging in cooperation and collaboration that unifies and strengthens our nursing voice.

Network Leads Established as a Permanent Program
Thanks to those of you who took the time to provide your input to our recently completed evaluation of the Network Leads pilot project. The results, received from RNs throughout the province, strongly reflect the value in establishing practical, relevant, and accessible nursing networks in B.C. These two-way communication networks are a powerful way to ensure all B.C. nurses have easy access to the programs, services and information shared by ARNBC.  We are thrilled to be continuing the Network Leads as an ongoing program of the Association. Our expansion plans include pulling together a network for nurse managers. To learn more contact

Staff Mix
ARNBC continues to support strategies to promote quality patient care. Along with our nursing association partners, BCNPA and LPNABC, we recognize the critical importance of staff mix to the nursing profession and to patients. Our blog entry, Nurses Are an Essential Resource, reflects the importance of nurses’ voices. ARNBC has been made aware of the concerns of registered nurses in British Columbia about staff mix changes that are occurring within the province. We will continue to follow this issue and collect information on developments in B.C. and elsewhere.

Recognition and Awards
ARNBC is pleased to be collaborating with the CRNBC for the 2014 Awards of Excellence program. ARNBC will be co-presenting the Award of Advocacy presented to an individual or group of registered nurses who have made outstanding efforts in advocating for health benefits to a specific group. The nomination deadline for the 2014 Awards of Excellence is November 29, 2013. To check out award and nomination details click here.

BC Nursing Specialty Network
The BC Network of Nursing Specialties was formed in October 2012 to provide a forum for nursing specialty groups to connect and engage in dialogue regarding nursing issues. ARNBC is pleased to host the 3rd meeting of the BC Network of Nursing Specialties on September 30. To learn more about this network, check out this page.

Transition and Infrastructure
ARNBC is partnering with the CRNBC to plan the transition of services that fall outside of the College’s mandate to the Association. We have established joint principles to guide our decision-making as we proceed with this work during the next 18 months. We are pleased to have an opportunity to work closely with one of our provincial partner nursing organizations and recognize the power of a united nursing front that works together towards better health for all British Columbians

Engagement Opportunities
ARNBC was pleased to be an exhibitor at the InspireNet annual conference on September 16. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to talk with us. On September 30 we will be speaking at the Vancouver Chapter Meeting of the Gerontological Nurses Association of British Columbia.

New on our Website
Visit our new page, ARNBC Networks, to learn more about our Network Leads Program, BC Network of Nursing Specialty Groups, Student Engagement and Retired Nurses. Or check out recent updates on the CNA News Page.

Do you have feedback? Suggestions? Are you interested in becoming a Network Lead? Start or continue your conversation with us at Your voice is our strength.