ARNBC Update: August 2013

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ARNBC: Continuing 100 Years of Professional Association Representation in B.C.

The Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC) has been focused on developing a strong, sustainable, professional association that will bring a unique nursing perspective to policy issues and professional matters that impact nursing practice, health and health care in British Columbia. ARNBC is the province’s professional association for registered nurses and nurse practitioners, building on the 100 year tradition of having an established and effective nursing association in British Columbia - a history which ARNBC is proud to continue.

At the June 2013 ARNBC Annual General Meeting, representatives from the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) announced the transfer of a one-time grant of $1.5 million to ARNBC. At the same time, the CRNBC indicated its intention to work with the ARNBC to finalize the infrastructure and processes needed to transfer services that fall outside the CRNBC’s mandate of regulating nurses in the interest of public protection.

In the past month, the CRNBC and the ARNBC have set up a Transition Steering Committee that will ensure effective and seamless transition of services. The Steering Committee is working to establish joint principles and timelines that will guide the transition in the short-term and support these changes and the partnership of the two organizations into the future.

Some of the services that are currently under consideration for transition include the Nursing Excellence Awards, professional development and education programs and professional practice supports. In addition, the funding will also support:
  • boosting the ARNBC infrastructure, staff support and strategic initiatives to enhance connections with nurses across the province;
  • developing and disseminating policy briefs and position statements to guide policy advocacy activities (i.e., increasing the nursing policy presence within the B.C. government) that make a difference to the health of British Columbians;
  • connecting with students and retired nurses as important members of the nursing family; and
  • growing existing ARNBC programs such as the B.C. Network of Nursing Specialty Groups and ARNBC Network Leads.
These networks along with the ARNBC website and social media, will continue to connect all B.C. nurses to national and international health issues through the activities and initiatives of the Canadian Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses.

During the last three years ARNBC has worked diligently to rebuild a provincial nursing association and has demonstrated its commitment to hosting meaningful discussion and ongoing consultation with B.C. nurses. Continued engagement with nurses is critical to inform the gradual transition and growth of our programs and services. We anticipate that there will be many opportunities for nurses to participate in the consultative process over the next 12 months.

This new funding, and the transition of some services from the College to the Association, will provide B.C. nurses with opportunities to have a voice in strengthening professional practice supports and engaging in the policy advocacy process. Although the transition and growth of these programs will take time, ARNBC is committed to achieving innovative and tangible benefits for nurses by January 1, 2015.

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