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Consultations Report Launched
Earlier this year ARNBC carried out an extensive province-wide consultation process. Many of you contributed to the consultations by organizing, hosting or participating in sessions in your workplaces and communities. The consultations provided the Association with a wealth of information about the challenges nurses face, the pride they have in their profession and the need for a strong policy voice for nursing in British Columbia. 

ARNBC is proud to share the outcomes of these consultations in the report now posted on our website ( .Following the consultations, the Board of the ARNBC has defined the following three strategic directions for the next year:

  1. Build an effective and affordable professional nursing association;
  2. Develop strong influential partnerships with government, nursing and professional organizations - provincially, nationally and internationally; and,
  3. Continue to engage nurses' active participation in professional issues.

It’s About Time Campaign in B.C.
We are pleased to be part of a campaign to promote awareness about the role and value of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in British Columbia. The Canadian Nurses Association rolled out the It’s About Time campaign on October 22, 2012 in partnership with the BC Nurse Practitioner Association and the ARNBC. The campaign goals are to raise public awareness about the role of NPs and to communicate with government about the contributions of NPs to patient care and our health system. If you believe British Columbians would benefit from having increased access to nurse practitioners, visit the NP Campaign Resources.

Network of Nursing Specialty Groups
During the consultations and in other meetings this year, we heard nurses identify a need for a networking mechanism among the nursing specialty groups and associations in this province. On October 30th ARNBC coordinated an exciting initial meeting with representatives of eight associations, societies and B.C. chapters of national specialty groups. Representatives who attended expressed strong interest in having a network for mutual support, sharing of continuing education opportunities and collective political action. We came away with a sense of enthusiasm for the potential benefits of a network and a clear message for ARNBC’s role as a unifying force. Notes from the session are posted on our Events page.

Queen’s Jubilee Medals
Thank you to everyone who nominated a B.C. nurse leader to receive one of the Queen’s Jubilee Medals.  Nominations are now closed, but we will post the names of the B.C. Medal Recipients for Nursing once CNA has made the formal announcement.  Keep an eye on our website for details-

Opportunities to join our team
The ARNBC Board of Directors has begun an executive director search this fall. We have also issued a call for qualified nursing consultants willing to take on specific projects on a time-limited, as-needed basis during the next year. Please visit the Opportunities page on our website and direct all communication to Susan Duncan, President, at

Other News
Following a strategic planning process in September, we have embarked on activities to meet our priority goals of sustainability, engagement and partnerships. Board members are meeting with representatives of partner nursing organizations in B.C. and we continue to engage with nurses and students at conferences and other events. We were at the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association Conference held in Vancouver recently, the InspireNet Connect 2012 Conference and will be at student events at the University of Victoria and North Island College in November.

ARNBC President Susan Duncan will be attending the next CNA Board Meeting, November 26 – 28. Stay tuned for updates.