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You Asked How You Could Help the ARNBC?
Now is your chance!

The Expert Commission Report "A Nursing Call to Action" was released at the 2012 CNA Biennium, calling for a major shift in the way health and healthcare are funded, managed and delivered in Canada. Its recommendations reflect a nursing understanding of national priorities around population health needs. These ideas now need to be put into action as nurses press decision-makers, funders and public policy processes at the provincial level toward strategic changes. Here is the report.

ARNBC is committed to finding strategies for putting this work into action in British Columbia. The Board will find it an invaluable resource in its strategic work with governments, but we need your help to bring the message to life around the province and develop our provincial policy vision over the coming months.

Many of you have been asking how you can help ARNBC, and this is your chance!

  • Word of Mouth:
    • Talk to your colleagues, friends and family – even patients! Let them know what nurses can and are doing to improve health and healthcare.
  • Coffee Groups:
    • Gather a small group of your colleagues together to review highlights and let us know what is already happening in your field of practice to contribute to a better system.
  • Communities of Practice:
    • Include discussion of "A Nursing Call to Action" in your meetings and develop top priorities for your patient populations and practice contexts.
    • Consider writing a blog outlining priority challenges and best practice solutions (contact us at – we'll help you with the writing!).
  • Within your facility:
    • Send a copy to your executive with examples of best practices that could be implemented where you work.

The CNA Expert Commission website has everything you will need to host a discussion and share the information – the report, fact sheets, key messages, videos and more.  We know you'll find the information inspiring!

Please keep sending us your thoughts about what you think should be priority actions for ARNBC as we build the Association forward and in relation to this national strategy.

The website and our email list remain our primary mechanisms for reaching out and including all B.C. nurses in this conversation. Encourage your colleagues to also sign up directly for the email updates, Facebook and/or Twitter.

The more nurses we can reach directly, the more effective our voice can be!