The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Questions and Answers

  1. Do I still need to pay the 2017 ARNBC fee increase, even though the bylaws were voted down? As a result of misinformation shared by the Union, some members are under the mistaken impression that the 2017 fee increase was to be voted on during the Extraordinary General Meeting. The 2017 ARNBC fees were determined and approved by ARNBC in November, and were not up for discussion at the AGM. The ONLY thing that was voted on during the AGM was whether to approve or not approve new bylaws. The fact that the bylaws were defeated has no significant impact on ARNBC operations, nor does it impact the 2017 fees.
  2. Why is ARNBC raising fees? Over the past year, and particularly throughout the summer, ARNBC met with BCNU in the hopes of coming to a mutually acceptable agreement that would end the current legal challenges and move the profession towards stronger collaboration between the three nursing organizations in the province. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that a settlement is not possible and, as a result, ARNBC must protect the association and ensure there are sufficient funds to manage these legal challenges.
  3. How much will my fee increase? In total, your association fee will increase by $12. In 2016, all Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners paid $98.82 for association activities. This included $41.13 for ARNBC and $57.69 for CNA. In 2017, this amount will go up to $110.55. Of this total amount, ARNBC will retain $52.86 and CNA will receive $57.69.
  4. How many times has ARNBC raised fees? This is the first fee increase for the Association. From the beginning, the ARNBC Board vowed to not increase fees for three years, and the Association has adhered to that. While we would have needed to consider a fee increase in the next two years, the imminent legal challenges have made it necessary to bump up the timelines and make these increases occur in 2017.
  5. Aren't we paying for these lawsuits already? Unfortunately, the lawsuits are paid out of the operating budget of the three nursing organizations involved in the litigation (ARNBC, CRNBC and BCNU). So regrettably, most nurses are paying for the ongoing legal challenges several times through the fees and dues they pay to each of the three organizations.
  6. Why does a portion of my fees go to CNA? ARNBC is the jurisdictional representative at the national level. This means that ARNBC represents all BC nurses at national and international events. When CNA lobbies the federal government, BC nurses have a voice through CNA. CNA also pens the Nursing Code of Ethics and provides policy and position advice on current issues such as MAID.
  7. Did consultation occur about these fee increases? Yes, ARNBC consulted with RNs and NPs in preparation for discussing this fee increase. RNs and NPs were supportive of the ongoing sustainability of the Association, and the majority felt we had need to move forward with budget increases due primarily to ongoing legal BCNU legal challenges.
  8. What does ARNBC do with the fees I pay? ARNBC is the professional voice of nursing in the province, and has a number of programs and services that support nursing. Visit our website for more information
  9. Will my increased fees be refunded if the legal challenges are resolved? Regrettably, we do not believe there is any possibility that the current legal challenges will be resolved outside of the court process. The Union has indicated its intent to move forward, and for this reason, the Association must protect itself from the associated costs. Should there be a resolution, all funds will be reinvested in programs that support the nursing profession in BC.