The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
ARNBC Membership

Associate Membership

ARNBC Associate members play a vital role in the Association and the nursing profession. At present, there is no cost to become an ARNBC Associate Member. If you are a practicing RN or NP, please read about ARNBC membership.

As an ARNBC Associate member you can:
  • Access all ARNBC programs and services
  • Attend AGMs as non-voting attendees*, open forums, or any other ARNBC engagement opportunity
  • Receive monthly news updates
Associate membership is granted to the following:
  • Employed Student Nurses (ESNs)**
  • Non-Practicing RNs and NPs (registered with CRNBC)
  • RN Students
  • Retired Nurses
  • RN (P)
For more information please email

* Associate members do not have voting rights and are not eligible for board positions.
** ESNs are automatically covered under the liability insurance policy administered by ARNBC.