The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Stand Up to BCNU

Nurses pay $110.55 to ARNBC/CNA each year ($52.86 to ARNBC, $57.69 to CNA). #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC's fees are $110.55 - we keep $52.86 and provide $57.69 to ensure you can be part of the Canadian Nurses Association. That's less than $2 per week. #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC has only increased Association fees once in our existence - by $12 last year and that was only because we needed to ensure we could protect ourselves from the BCNU lawsuits. #ARNBCMythbusters
BCNU Aggression
Do you, as a nurse, like having your problems solved through the courts? BCNU has numerous active court cases against ARNBC/CRNBC, individuals, even their own leadership. ARNBC believes that a key principle of professional nursing practice is resolving disagreements through respectful dialogue. #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC EGMs/AGMs are constantly disrupted by BCNU members who have expenses covered to attend. The money to bring these BCNU members to meetings is coming out of your pocket. Is this how you want your hard-earned dollars spent - destroying a smaller organization that is working on behalf of BC nurses? #ARNBCMythbusters

We have heard that the Union is telling members 'we are too good' for them and have refused their settlement offers. We did refuse them - they offered us $10 million dollars to basically become part of the Union (another way to make us go away). Did anyone ask you if you are ok with them spending $10 million this way? #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC was offered some 'options' to settle the BCNU lawsuits, including $10 million to meld into their work, free office space and sharing of our staff. If ARNBC offers no value, why the blatant attempt to assimilate our work and staff into their organization? #ARNBCMythbusters.
BCNU's constitution Article 2.09 states "Where possible, the promotion of unity within the nursing profession […] through communication and cooperation with and mutual support for organizations sharing these objectives." Will BCNU be adhering to this part of their own constitution? #ARNBCMythbusters

It seems that BCNU is encouraging nurses to sign a petition that they may not have read, studied or given due consideration to. Nurses are proud of the strong critical thinking skills they use everyday in providing patient care. Nurses need to look at this new petition with these critical thinking skills. #ARNBCMythbusters

Nurses have no choice but to be members of the union, and pay a significant amount of money every year. It seems strange that the Union then argues about not having choice in belonging to ARNBC (to which nurses pay a mere fraction of membership dollars). #ARNBCMythbusters
ARNBC has continued to seek opportunities to meet with BCNU to discuss resolution to the lawsuits. After three months of silence and repeated requests for meetings, ARNBC has finally received a response (end of January 2018). #ARNBCMythbusters

Dr. David Byres, BC's Chief Nurse, has clearly stated his and government's support for having all three pillars of nursing working collaboratively in BC - the regulator, the union and the association. #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC has tried to take the high road despite lawsuits, insults and death threats from the Union (our staff have been threatened with violence because they choose to work for ARNBC). Maybe BCNU should consider profiling their own organizational habits when discussing bullying and violence. #ARNBCMythbusters

Nursing benefits from having three strong bodies: a regulator, a union and an association - ARNBC has always believed this and it has been strongly verified in the literature. The Union says they can be the sole voice for nursing in the province, but they don’t represent all nurses. #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC has never sued or countersued anyone or any organization, while the BCNU pursues litigation and has numerous active court cases against ARNBC/CRNBC, individuals who speak out against them and their own leadership. Is litigation really the professional face of nursing? #ARNBCMythbusters

When we go to events and talk to nurses and other health care providers we are often asked 'Why does BCNU hate you?' We can't answer for the Union and can only assume it's because we have done good work in the policy/professional advocacy area and they see this as a threat. #ARNBCMythbusters

BCNU has claimed to be the professional voice of nursing in BC, yet they do not represent all of BC's nurses. Only ARNBC can speak on behalf of excluded employees, self-employed nurses, managers, educators and others. #ARNBCMythbusters

ARNBC is committed to finding a collaborative, positive, respectful way forward with all of our partners and colleagues. BCNU's tactics (ie., union raiding, legal challenges, inappropriate action on working units to garner support) have exempted them from many national labour organizations. #ARNBCMythbusters