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What's Happening

The Consultation process is completed for now (as of Spring 2012). Thank you to all who participated. Your insights have been invaluable and we have enjoyed meeting with each one of you. Be sure to check this site for a final report detailing all that we learned.

If you have questions about how the ARNBC fits with the other provincial nursing groups, you can click the FAQ link above to learn more.
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What We Heard
"The Association should work to establish the profession of nursing on an equal footing with the medical profession (while recognizing that there are differences). Nurses are not just the deliverer of a physician’s orders. We have done training and even ongoing trainingand can deliver services within the framework of our own competencies."
"Nurses need a unified voice for nursing."
"Personally, I think it's stupid to have so many bodies overseeing nursing. Why not pull them all into one? I get that it's not the norm, but nurses don't have to do things like every other profession. Why not be separate and different?"
"I have heard that RN jobs will be cut in a residential care facility and replaced with LPNs.This is definitely budget driven because they can hire LPNs cheaper than RNs, but unfortunately, LPNs are missing the skills and clinical judgement that RNs have."
“I’m told by my union ‘don’t support the Association’, but none of them can tell me why. I need to do more research myself and figure this all out, because I don’t understand why the union is asking me not to support this.”
"The College has a list of every nurse in British Columbia. Why have they refused to give you (ARNBC) this list or access to this list? Or in the very least, why won't they give us a checkbox on our registration form so we can say we'd like to know more about ARNBC? It's very disheartening that the regulatory organization isn't willing to work with the Association since the two are linked together."
“What is the Association going to do about these things we’ve raised? How can the Association help? It is very well and good for nurses to get together and raise these issues and ask for things to change, but how will that be actioned by the Association?"
"Students need to become aware of professional issues early on and have the chance to participate as student members. Young nurses need to make sense of the workplace. Students are the leaders of the future."
"What is the CRNBC doing with all the money we send them? If they can't advocate or really even support nurses, then what is going on? They say the cost of regulation has increased, but show us how! Where's the transparency?"